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Terms & Conditions


If your order total is greater than the amount available on your gift card, credit card or debit card, the payment will​ NOT go through.  Multiple forms of payment for one transaction are only available in store.

​We proudly accept the following forms of payment:

​Leviathan Gift Card *

Shipping Policy:

At this time, shipping is based on the cart total.  The following are our current rates:

$1.00 to $18.99   ➝ $4.00

$19.99 to $29.99 ➝ $8.00

$30.99 to $59.99 ➝ $14.00

$60.99 and above➝ $19.00

Return Policy:

A full refund for any returns within 30 days if the following conditions are met: 

The over-all condition of the returned product must be like new in order for Leviathan to resell.

All board games must be in their original boxes with all pieces/components present. (This includes but is not limited to any/all instruction manuals, dvd's, online codes and any other extras included in the container.) 

Refunds should be reflected within 4-6 business days of receipt of returned product.

No refund will be give for any item returned after 30 days. A store credit may​ be given up to 60 days after purchase. No refunds or credits will be given after 60 days. The aforementioned conditions still apply for store credit to be given.

​Retailer reserves the right to determine the resale condition of all returns.

*​At this time, Leviathan Gift Cards may ONLY be purchased in store.